Webnova is a web-based program developed and made available by Abbott Nutrition to help manage the Enteral Nutrition of infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

WebNova stores nutrient profiles for commercial and customized NICU feedings and compares nutrient profiles of feedings to each other or to a reference.


  • Calculate unlimited feeding recipes with precise nutrient quantities
  • Eliminate potential errors resulting from handheld calculators and spreadsheets
  • Analyze enteral intakes for up to 40 nutrients
  • Save and print formula recipes
  • Compare nutrients in feedings against each other and/or against reference data
  • Select order of feedings when using “Compare”
  • Compare formula powders per 100 g
  • Email alert when WebNova Hospital Leader approves access

For WebNova availability, please contact your Abbott Nutrition pediatric sales representative.